1.How much does sky email extractor cost?

It is a one time cost for only $29. Plus, you get free lifetime updates.

2.If I buy sky email extractor, will I get new updates?

Upgrades will be free, this includes all major and minor releases.

3.Can I use my license key on a new computer after registered?

Yes. you can email us to reactivate your license key anytime.

4.How can I use sky email extractor?

If you wish to extract the email addresses from a known web site, just insert the starting website address and press Start. Sky email extractor will extract email addresses. Additionally, it will follow all internet addresses it finds.

Another possible starting point is to use keywords. Sky email extractor will search the web for those keywords and proceed from there.

5.How can I activate my trial version?

You can upgrade your trial version to a full licensed version by inserting the registration code. To get a registration code please visit the order now page . As soon as your payment is processed, a registration code will be emailed to you.