How to buy and use proxy?

When your network is restricted by search engines, you can solve the problem through using proxy.

Step 1: Buy proxy list

You can buy "http proxy" from any companies, such as

We take Newipnow as an example to introduce how to purchase and configure.

1) We suggest you buy more than 10 proxies, click "Order Now" button.

How to buy and use proxy step1

2) After purchase, you will get a proxy list. Some proxy companies support IP verification, and some other support username/password verification. This example supports IP verification. You only need to fill your IP in authorized IP list.

How to buy and use proxy step1

3) Copy your proxy list to a txt file

Step 2: Import proxy list to our software

1) Run skyextractor software, click "Options->Proxy" menu, open proxy dialog.

2) Click "Import" button, select the proxy list txt file.

3) Click "Test" button.

4) Select "Use proxy".

How to buy and use proxy step1

Step 3: Use Proxy

You will find "Using proxy..." label when you extracting and can get more leads

How to buy and use proxy step2