Sky Phone Extractor

Sky Phone Extractor

It features:

  • Easy to use

    Only two steps, input a keyword, select country, the software will start phone extraction automatically.

  • Fast to run

    The software will automatically adjust the number of threads according to the network situation, to maximize the use of network resources.

  • Real-time display phone extraction status

    1.Displaying the number of total phones
    2.Displaying the number of time used

  • How to export

    1.Support TXT file format.
    2.Support CSV file format.

  • Sky Phone Extractor Free Download

Customer testimonials

There are a lot of phone extraction software out there, but it's difficult to know which ones will be here tomorrow. I previously bought one from another website. However, very pathetically, the business owner stopped developing and close their shop. I ended up with spending money on a dead service. With Sky Phone Extractor, I know that I've chosen a stable, reliable partner who honestly cares about my business. If customer service and stability are your top priorities, I wouldn't look anywhere other than
----Allen Travolta, Marketing Director of Triangle Real Estate Service

Latest Update:

Version No. []
1.Support main search engines.
2.Export email list faster.

System requirements:

1) Internet connection

2) XP/Win2000/Win2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11

3) Minimum Hardware Requirement: Intel Pentium 1000 mhz or equivalent powered processor, 256 Mb RAM