Sky Email Sorter

Sky Email Sorter

It features:

  • Mail list database

    Support set tag, Import email list, Filter by tag/email/mx exchanger, Remove duplicate emails Automatically.

  • Easy to use

    Only one step, importing a mail list file, the software will sort email list by their mx exchanger automatically.

  • Real-time display email sorting status

    1.Displaying the number of total email
    2.Displaying the number of every mail provider and percentage
    3.Displaying the time used of email sorting.

  • How to export

    1.Support txt file format.
    2.Exporting one email list by one Mail Exchanger.
    3.Exporting all email list by all Mail Exchangers at the same time.

  • Sky Email Sorter Free Download

Customer testimonials

I am an online wholesaler for baby and children's products. The biggest challenge for me is finding additional retail customers. I found the sky email sorter software by accident. It quickly sorts a mailing list. This software greatly improved the success rate of mail delivery. My business volume increased about 12% since I started email marketing. Thanks
----Michael Wood,Charley Kids Ltd in beautiful Boise Idaho

Latest Update:

Version No. []
1.Support all Mail Exchanger.
2.Export all email list at the same time.

System requirements:

1) Internet connection

2) XP/Win2000/Win2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11

3) Minimum Hardware Requirement: Intel Pentium 1000 mhz or equivalent powered processor, 256 Mb RAM