Sky Email Extractor

Sky Email Extractor

It features:

  • Wide search to your preferred keywords

    Sky Extractor is able to quickly search via various sources: search engines, websites, local files, ect to specified key words. We are gradually adding more local search engines to better suit your needs.

  • Localized matching

    The software system will automatically choose the localized search engine according to the country you choose. It provides a visualized interface by letting you pick the according flag of the country you select.

  • Search on the basis of either keywords or URLs

    SEE is able to smartly tell if the search instruction is based keywords or URLs. If the search query is based on keywords, the system will automatically match the keywords. In the future will SEE will provide a cool feature of automatically translate the keyword to the local language based on the selected region.

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  • Export with full flexibility

    Export email addresses gathered using formats suitable for spreadsheet applications, email clients or databases, i.e.txt, cvs etc. In addition, it can also include the URLs from where the email address is collected.

  • Save search session or task

    The software provides a cool feature of saving your historical search queries to the drop down list. Software users do not need to redo the previous search setting. Other than that, SEE will also remember your previous search setting like the region and keywords. This will save you time.

  • Smart Operation

    SEE uses multiple simultaneous connections to scan multiple URL's at the same time. By selecting a maximum number of simultaneous connections you will be able to make the most of your Internet Connection.

  • Sky Email Extractor Free Download

Customer testimonials

I am an online wholesaler for baby and children's products. The biggest challenge for me is finding additional retail customers. I found the SEE software by accident. It quickly produces a mailing list. I actually do not have much faith because I have been trying different methods. To my surprise, I got 2 replies within 2 hours and a few serious enquires the very first day. One of the contacts is from a Philippine local social network website. I would Never Ever thought of getting some contacts from that niche market. I got a few deals the first month from these additional contacts. My business volume increased about 12% since I started email marketing. Thanks
----Michael Wood,Charley Kids Ltd in beautiful Boise Idaho

There are a lot of email address collecting software out there, but it's difficult to know which ones will be here tomorrow. I previously bought one from another website. However, very pathetically, the business owner stopped developing and close their shop. I ended up with spending money on a dead service. With Sky Email extractor, I know that I've chosen a stable, reliable partner who honestly cares about my business. If customer service and stability are your top priorities, I wouldn't look anywhere other than
----Allen Travolta, Marketing Director of Triangle Real Estate Service

Latest Update:

Version No. []
1.Support all countries and regions.
2.Support more search engines.
Version No. []
1.Update Google engine.
2.Update Bing engine.
Version No. []
1.On-site search.
2.Filtering email suffix.
Version No. []
Sky email extractor is now able to extract all email addresses from local txt files.

System requirements:

1) Internet connection

2) Win11/Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista/WinServer2012/2016/2022/2023

3) Minimum Hardware Requirement: Intel Pentium 1 Ghz or equivalent powered processor, 2Gb RAM